Bourbon Street Amsterdam – Artist of the Month

For some time, he’s been the bassist for the rock band Tumbling Dice, but recently, José Croeze has also been showing his skills in the band of soul and pop singer Rowen Aida. Also, he has been playing often with the equally fresh band Clearwater, thereby giving shape to a much broader palet than rock alone. Blues, funk, soul, reggae and other flavours merge together seemlessly and ever so groovy in both of these groups.
Originally from Oranjestad, the talented musician stands often side by side with his fellow Dutch Antillian, drummer Daniel Camacho, with whom he forms one of the smoothest rhythm sections in Bourbon Street. Being a man of many talents and a versatile session player as well, he also is not held back by any genre and shows an interest in many different styles of music, from world famous stadium rock bands to young and upcoming acts. His nice sound, craftmanship and reliability make him silent but deadly!